Dream 9/15/17

There was a guy who kidnapped a random girl. He was apparently a friend of mine. He brought me and two other friends with him, along with the kidnapped girl, on a boat. We were finally in the middle of nowhere. He tied the girl up and strapped on pieces of meat on her then lowered her down into the water. He was going to use her as shark feed. While lowering the girl down, he jumped into the water too. He wanted to see the girl get eaten by the sharks up close. My friends and I stayed on the boat and just waited for him to come back up. But while he was underwater watching the sharks feast on the girl, his foot got stuck on the rope and he couldn’t swim back up. The sharks ended up eating him as well. We waited for a couple of minutes and realized the guy hasn’t swam back up yet. We started to worry. Then all of a sudden, one of the sharks broke the surface of the water. We realized then that the guy was probably dead too. My friends and I decided to go back to the docks. We parked the boat somewhere discreet and ran to the nearest taxi stand. My friends and I got on a taxi and had ourselves dropped off at the mall.

Dream 4/27/2017

I was in a Justin Bieber Meet and Greet event. During the event, Justin Bieber would sing to each of his fans individually. When it was my turn, I was beaming with excitement. Afterwards, I gave Justin Bieber a tight hug and screamed, “Thank you so much! I love you so much!” and ran away with a huge smile on my face.

Dream 3/12/17

I was inside a glass elevator in a hotel. As the elevator moved, I could see the different floors go by. I was trying to get to the 10th floor but for some reason, the elevator wouldn’t stop at that floor. It would always just go up and down past it without opening its doors on any floor. I could see lines of people starting to grow on each floor. Everyone was waiting to get on the elevator that seems to be stopping at every floor but the 10th. Finally, the elevator stopped and opened its doors on the 10th floor. I rushed out and ran into my hotel room.

Dream 2/13/17

I was at some concert. The stage had an extension that leads to a mosh pit. For some reason, I was on stage while the performers were by the mosh pit. From where I was standing, I saw someone who looked like Donald Trump right in front. He yanked the performer’s leg and started dragging him down and beating him up. Everyone else started to join him beat up the performer.

*change scene*

I was back in high school. My normal mode of transportation would be to ride my bike to school. My friend would always ride her bike with me. One day, she came out to me as lesbian and told me she liked me. I was flattered because she is a pretty girl but also was unsure of how to tell her I didn’t like her back since I liked somebody else (and that I’m straight).

Dream 2/12/17

I was in a fancy Starbucks. They had a special menu with savory drinks such as a Tuna Frappuccino and a Bacon and Eggs drink–neither of which interested me. They also had new food choices in that special menu such as seared salmon and grilled pork chop. I took a good 10 minutes trying to decide on what to get. When I finally decided on the grilled pork chop, the cashier told me it was unavailable, which made me go crazy like I would when McDonald’s tells me that the crispy chicken sandwich is unavailable. I settled on a vanilla macchiato instead (which apparently was a thing).

*change scene*


I was on top of a mountain with a bunch of spies. Apparently, I was one too. A bunch of bad guys came to attack us. I decided to escape by rolling down this huge hill covered in grass. It was a very long way down. I just kept rolling to safety.

Dream 8/8/16

I was pregnant with twins and I was in my bathroom just waiting for my friend, Pebbles, because she said we’d have lunch together. So while I was just sitting on my toilet, my bathroom turned into an aquarium and I was underwater. There were small sharks just swimming around and I was petting them. Then all of a sudden, my water broke. I gave birth by myself to one baby. But I didnt feel like giving birth two the second one just yet. So I got up and called Pebbles and asked her where she was. She said she was having lunch with our two other friends, Cei and Page. So i was like “Oh i thought we were having lunch together. Oh well, I’m going to go give birth then. Ive already done half the job myself.”

Dream 3/31/16

I bought a disposable film camera and just started taking candid photos of my friends and family and significant events. My friend asked me why I bought a film camera. I told her it’s so that I’ll be forced to have printed copies of my photos and because it was more sentimental. 

Dream 3/30/16

I had a hair appointment with Guy Tang (that YouTube guy). I asked him to correct the color of my hair since it’s kind of ratchet from all the bleaching and redyeing. I also asked him to give me a new hair cut. Before I could tell him what haircut I wanted, he grabbed all my hair and cut it to my chin-length in one go. He also gave me a full fringe. I was afraid I’d look like a child with this haircut but it actially turned out alright.